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Johnny talks about Glass Chance, Glass Blowing, History, The Future, etc…

Hank Snell: Primary Instructor/ Glass Blower

My glass journey started out in early 2008 when I began to uncover “treasures” of melted glass from the ashes of carousing campfires. Displaying them in the sunlight like gifts to the gods, I approached the feeling of wonder and curiosity as to how, why, and what makes glass act the way it does when heated to a certain temperature.

For weeks I searched online for a glass studio near Houston to reveal this magic to me but I had no luck. So I expanded my search and found a week long Furnace Glass Blowing Seminar taught by Jane Duryea at Coastal Bend College located in Beeville Texas. Jane graciously informed me that if I did not have access to large furnace studio, I could still find my glass fix through the source of “Flame Working”.

Back home in Houston with an honest Flame Working starter kit in hand, I began teaching myself from piece to piece through trial and error. Gaining momentum over the years of practice, I started to evolve my glass hobby into a stable foundation of a self-employed Glass Artist.

With the help and support of friends and family, I have been able to create an accessible opportunity for individuals, like myself, to discover and explore their Glass Chance.