***All classes are around 2 hrs long unless stated otherwise***


Intro Basics – (1hr) Safety, History, Torch Time
Solid A – Safety, Equipment, Solid techniques
Solid B – History, Theory, Continued Solid techniques
Hollow A – Hollow Theory, Prep work, Hollow techniques
Hollow B – Pulling points, Vessel shaping, finishing work
Jewelry Making-Rings, Earring, Necklaces
Pendants 1- (1Hr) Lens, loops and Bails, Color Backing
Pendants 2- Hollow Disc, Flower Pendant
Marbles- Sphere Shaping, Implosions (solid and hollow)
Fuming- gold and silver fuming, (inside and out)
Design- Honey Combs and Wig Wags
Color Application- (1Hr) – Wysiwyg, Striking, Cadmium
Dichroic Glass- Prep, Sheet, Galaxy pendant
Goblets- Vessel, Stem, Hand spun foot

Pipes– a class for each design

Chillum 1hr
Spoon 1hr
1 piece Sherlock 1hr
2 piece Sherlock
2 piece Dry Hammer
Slides and Bowls 1hr


Water Pipes

2 Piece Water Bubbler
Mini Rig (ring seal) 10mm Clear Beaker
Hand made Joints, Banger Hanger
Sculpted Percolator process
Floating Recycler (2 Day)
Klein Recycler (2 Day)


Booth Rentals
(Must have prior experience on the torch or completed our Solid A&B Class as well as required supervised Torch Time)

Hour: $5
Day: $30
Week: $175
Month: $500